Treat Your TMJ Disorder for Headache Relief

Your temporomandibular joints (TMJs) can play a major part in why you are getting frequent headaches. If they have become inflamed due to injury or misalignment, it can strain the muscles around your neck, head, and jaw. This can lead to chronic headaches and migraines, especially in the morning, as well as dental problems.

The most common and conservative method of treatment is an oral appliance you wear while you sleep. Using advanced bite and jaw analysis equipment, Dr. Lee will determine if you have a TMJ disorder. He’ll then use digital scanning equipment to make dental impressions. Your custom bite guard will be made by a trusted lab. This customized appliance will:

  • Fit You Perfectly – Your bite guard is designed specifically for your jaw. You’ll barely feel it while you sleep, so you are more likely to consistently wear the device.
  • Relieve Your Pain – When you treat your TMJ disorder, you are treating the root cause of your head pain. By allowing your jaw to heal, your headaches will minimize too.
  • Reduce Muscle Strain – The bite guard will act like a barrier between your teeth. It will relieve tension in your jaw, which will reduce the frequency of your headaches.
  • Protect Your Teeth From Damage – In addition to causing headaches, clenching and grinding can damage your teeth. Your custom guard will safeguard your teeth.

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