You’ll Appreciate Our Advanced Dental Technology

When you choose our practice, we treat you as more than just another patient. We are focused on building a relationship with you as well as providing top-tier dental care. Dr. Lee and our entire team have extensive training and experience helping patients achieve their dream smiles. Whether you need a checkup or a complex full-mouth reconstruction, you can trust us to give you an excellent dental visit.

Dr. Lee has also invested in technology that ensures treatments go smoothly and efficiently. Your care is convenient and comfortable with:

  • Digital X-rays – This technology captures precise images of your entire mouth quickly and efficiently. It also reduces your exposure to radiation.
  • Intraoral Camera – This allows us to capture images of your teeth, and to show you what we see when making treatment recommendations.
  • In-House Photography Studio – We capture high-quality images of your smile, aiding in planning and better patient education.
  • T-Scanning Equipment – This analyzes your chewing capabilities. It allows us to identify misalignment and TMJ issues.
  • JVA (Joint Vibration Analysis) – This evaluates jaw joint health, ensuring a thorough understanding of your oral function.
  • 3-D Impressions – We capture digital impressions of your teeth rather than using messy trays of goop.
  • Laser Equipment – We use non-invasive laser technology for more comfortable and precise gum disease treatments.

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