Experience Relief From Your TMJ Disorder

TMJ disorders can happen for a variety of reasons. An injury to your jaw, arthritis, bite alignment problems, teeth grinding or clenching, or stress can all result in this problem. Dr. Lee has invested in technology that can analyze your chewing ability using  T-Scan equipment and joint vibration analysis (JVA). This technology assesses the vibrations created by joint fluid, bone, and cartilage.

If he finds that you would benefit from treatment, he may recommend:

  • Custom Bite Guard – One solution is a customized oral appliance. You wear this device while you sleep, the most common time people grind or clench their teeth. By relieving the pressure on your jaw, you allow it to heal. The guard is comfortable to wear, so you can easily incorporate it into your nightly routine.
  • Orthodontics If your TMJ concern is related to a misaligned bite, we offer orthodontics to correct your teeth positioning. You will love discreet aligners for nearly invisible treatment that won’t be obvious to others.

Call 713-677-2011 for an appointment if you think you may need TMJ treatment in Houston. You can also ​​schedule online.