Get Your Brightest Smile Back with Professional Whitening

By choosing our practice for your smile goals, you’ll benefit from Dr. Lee’s 20 years of experience. He stays current on the latest dental innovations and technologies. That’s why he invested in the advanced KöR whitening system. It’s far better than any of the whitening kits you see in the store, giving you a brighter smile you love showing off to others.

There are a couple of different KöR solutions:

  • At-Home Whitening – The at-home solution is ideal if your stains aren’t as severe. It comes with a custom-fitted whitening tray and gel that you use from the comfort of your home. The entire process takes a few weeks or so to complete.
  • In-Office and At-Home Combination – We can combine at-home whitening with in-office treatment for more serious stains. You’ll only need to visit our office once, then you’ll receive custom whitening trays to use at home. It may take several weeks to complete the at-home treatment, depending on the severity of your tooth stains.

Along with your whitening, you may consider other cosmetic treatments, such as our dental veneers. If you decide to get a more complete makeover, you’ll have a smile that looks like it belongs on the red carpet!

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