Our Soothing Sedation Will Put You At Ease

Sedation isn’t the only way we make patients feel comfortable. We use advanced technology, such as digital X-rays and our in-house photo studio, to streamline your treatments. Dr. Lee also uses lasers in many treatments, so you experience more comfortable procedures. We also have staff trained to help patients with anxiety. You are supported every step of the way during your appointments.

For extra help relaxing, we also provide laughing gas sedation to take the edge off your nerves. It offers many benefits:

  • Calming Sensation – Laughing gas induces a gentle, calming sensation, alleviating your anxiety and creating a relaxed atmosphere. This helps your dental procedures go smoothly.
  • Easier Appointments – If you are pursuing a lengthier treatment, such as a full-mouth reconstruction, sitting in the patient chair for that amount of time can be hard. Laughing gas sedation will help you feel comfortable and worry-free.
  • Quick Effects – The sedative effects of laughing gas begin quickly and wear off just as fast. You can continue your daily activities without lingering drowsiness. There’s no need to arrange for a ride home!

Call 888-436-9099 to learn more about our Houston sedation options, like laughing gas. You can also schedule online.