Keep Your Child’s Teeth in the Proper Place

There are many causes of premature tooth loss. If your child hasn’t been to the dentist regularly, severe tooth decay can lead to a tooth falling out too soon. It can also be a result of an accident that happens while they play sports or on the playground. Whatever the cause, we’re happy to help maintain the proper alignment of your child’s teeth.

Space maintainers are custom-made oral appliances that preserve the gap left by the tooth falling out too soon. This prevents nearby teeth from shifting out of place, which is the trigger for many teeth alignment problems. There are numerous benefits from this orthodontic option:

  • Prevents Crooked Teeth – Baby teeth hold the spot for adult teeth. If a baby tooth falls out before the adult tooth is ready, it leaves a gap in your child’s smile. A space maintainer holds the gap, so the adult tooth can erupt correctly.
  • Improves Oral Function – Alignment issues can cause difficulties with chewing and speaking. It can also trigger jaw pain later down the road. Preserving proper bite alignment helps your child avoid these issues.
  • Avoids Extensive Orthodontics Later – Catching space loss early is simpler and less expensive than correcting crowded or rotated adult teeth years down the road. You save money with space maintainers as a result.

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