Even Out Your Gumline With Comfortable Gum Reshaping

You are the only person who matters when determining if you have a gummy smile. If you feel too much gumline shows when you smile, then a gum reshaping treatment is right for you. Many patients also need this treatment if they are getting dental crowns or veneers and their teeth are too short for the procedure.

Dr. Lee prioritizes your comfort by using technology that ensures the entire process goes smoothly. He’ll use a safe and gentle laser to gently remove excess gum tissue. This advanced technology offers numerous benefits:

  • Precise Results – The laser pinpoints only the gum tissue that needs to be removed, so you can feel confident about the outcome of treatment.
  • More Comfortable – You’ll experience minimal discomfort during and after the procedure, as lasers cauterize blood vessels and reduce swelling.
  • Encourages Healing – Lasers promote faster healing, allowing you to enjoy the results of your treatment sooner. You won’t have to avoid certain foods or take added care with oral hygiene.
  • Reduced Post-Operative Infection – Laser technology minimizes the risk of infection. The overall process is safer compared to methods that involve incisions.

One of the reasons for a gummy smile is infected gum tissue. Gum disease can cause your gums to become red and swollen. So before moving forward with gum contouring, Dr. Lee will ensure you have good oral health first.

The non-invasive nature of lasers will provide a more comfortable and stress-free experience. However, if you still have anxiety, sedation through laughing gas is available.

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