What Is the Best Whitening Method for My Smile?

As we enter spring and summer, two seasons typically packed with social events like dances, graduations, and weddings, you may wonder which is the best whitening method. Honestly, it depends. 

At Paul Lee, DDS, you’ll find three great ways to whiten your teeth, one of which will be right for you. The answer will vary from person to person, though. It’s important to consider several factors, including the type and degree of your discoloration, the condition of your teeth, and your budget. 

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In the meantime, check out the ways you can whiten:

  • Professional Teeth Whitening – This is the easiest and least costly method. We use KöR whitening, which is one of the most effective professional products. It works on stains that other products don’t, including those caused by tetracycline. For the brightest results, we suggest a combination of an in-office treatment and home treatments. Even with KöR, though, certain kinds of stains just don’t respond well to pro whitening. In those cases, your dentist will recommend one of two other treatments. 
  • Dental Veneers – You can cover up especially stubborn stains with veneers. When applied to the front of your teeth, they will conceal many kinds of imperfections, not just stains. So they are a great choice if you have multiple flaws you want to address. They can close small gaps, repair small cracks or chips, and hide minor misalignment. They’re custom made at a lab, according to your specifications. They’ll look great for at least a decade, and often many years longer, with the proper care. 
  • Tooth Bonding – During a bonding treatment, your dentist applies layers of composite resin to your teeth to cover stains. Like veneers, bonding can conceal other issues too. It works best for minor flaws, not anything major. Bonding costs more than whitening but less than veneers. It’s a similar story for longevity. Bonding results will last longer than whitening but not as long as veneers. 

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